Friday, January 27, 2006


This post was inspired by the comments of Mrs. Danielle and my mom to my previous post. I had mentioned loving airports and hospitals.

Hospitals are fascinating to me. I can't really explain why, because I have no desire to go into the medical field. Maybe it's the change of scenery, change of smell, the size, or the maze feel to it. Maybe it's because I've never been a patient in one. I also love that even though it's full of sick people, it's so clean looking. I do know that this year I have a strong desire to visit a children's hospital and talk to children who have to stay there day after day, most likely bored, with only an occasional visit from friends or relatives. I want to hear them out, know the hearts inside the sick children who call the hospital home. I just want to play games with them so that they can have fun, especially in the spring and summer, when they know school is out and all their friends are swimming, hanging out, and having fun.

I never like to pass up a trip to the airport. Again, it's hard to explain why I like them. I like the crowded feel and the big open feeling of it. I've only flown once, and that was this past July. It didn't really let me down, I would definately love to fly again soon. Sure, it was a bit boring being delayed for a few hours and having to walk around the small airport in New Hampshire, but I wouldn't trade the experience. It gave me more time to walk around the airport and get a real feel for something I wouldn't get to do again for awhile. In fact, at one time, my brother and I walked to the other end of the airport in NH to an empty section. Only a few men came to use the almost-vacant bathroom while I sat in a chair in solitude. Have you ever been in an airport and felt you were completely alone and could just look out the window and think about things without interupption? I never thought I would, but I did, as I sat there waiting for my brother. It was great!

Okay snapping out of "once upon a time" deamland, I'll move on to the next thing. Car rides. Ideal car ride: 2-3 hours. I enjoy going along on errands with my mom just for the ride. I stay in the car while she goes into the various places. I usually listen to praise and worship music on the radio or pray (or both) I didn't mind the 15+ hour car trip to Orlando in May. The scenery was pretty (even though most of the time it was just the same kind of trees you see around here) especially the buildings in Orlando, and all the palm trees in the south.

Last "weird" thing that I can think about myself is that I love having my blood drawn and can't wait to be able to donate it (I thought I heard you can at 16, I need to find out for sure) I never enjoyed shots quite at much and it "killed" me when they said "turn your head away and don't watch." I had to be able to see the needle enter my skin in order to be comfortable with the process. If I couldn't see it happen or didn't know when to expect it, I just couldn't do it. So I always watched. A few months ago I had my blood drawn again and I was a bit nervous, but I just had to remember how much "fun" it was when I was younger and I was fine. It wasn't quite the way I remember it, but seeing the blood flow into the tubes was still just as cool now as it was when I was younger.

I'd love to hear any of your weird fascinations or unusual likings. Any memories about them would be appreciated also, or even a story about how the fascination came about.

Enjoy your weekend!


Danielle said...

I love long drives too. That's funny about liking to give blood. My sister has done it a million times, it's like her passion or something. The funny thing is I'm the tougher of the two of us and have never done it, and she's more squimish and gives blood frequently. It's probably because she's way more compassionate than me! You sound a lot like my sister, Rebekah. She loves kids too. Maybe you could start a "visiting kids in the hospital" ministry someday!

Zoanna said...

You know I love laundromats. The clean smells, the long, clear, high tables for folding clothes on, the huge capacity dryers that tumble 'round rhythmically, and the ability to get all the dirty clothes clean on the same day. I also like to watch the people coming and going. It's a whole 'nother subculture.