Saturday, August 05, 2006

My First Interview...

I just wanted to quickly post and ask you all to pray for me as I will be having my first interview this Wednesday, August 9, at 1. The job is for a position at Michael's Arts and Crafts Store. If you'd like to pray specifically, here are my requests:

-Peace. I'm feeling nervous, but I want to go there free from anxiety and just do the best I can, knowing the outcome isn't dependent upon how well the interview goes, but purely based on God's will.

-A Content Heart. Whether I get the job or not, that I will be content knowing this is what God's plan is for me at this time.

And for if I get the job...
-Easy time learning. I'd like to learn the job well and quickly.

-Flexibility. I would love a schedule that allows me no Sundays and preferably no nights where I already have church-related activities. (Every other Wednesday, and 3 Fridays a month)

-Compatibility. I want to get along with my co-workers and manager(s).

-Evangelistic Opportunities. I'd like opportunities to share the gospel, and courage to take advantage of the opportunities.

Thanks so much for praying!!!

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