Friday, September 22, 2006

Personal Changes since 9/11

This is the final essay on the 9/11 topic. I hope the second paragraph makes sense. I had a hard time expressing what I meant in an unconfusing way, but hopfully you get what I'm trying to say. Have a great weekend!

Since September 11, 2001, many things have changed in America, yet very few really affect me directly. The only thing I can think of that has personally affected me was the changes in the airport security. I flew for the first time last summer, and we had to get there significantly earlier than our flight left just to get through security. Honestly, though, I did not mind that as much as most people do. While it affected me, it was not necessarily a bad thing. I love airports, so any excuse to be there longer is great. I was also so excited to finally fly that it did not bother me much.

Emotional changes have been few for me, however there is still one that I think would fit into this category somewhat, and that is extra attention towards mid east people when I see one. It is not that I judge them or treat them differently, but when I do see them, I notice them more than I notice almost any one else (they stand out more to me). I wish I could just walk around a store and not associate them with the attacks, but it is hard for me to not identify them that way, even though I know not all middle east people are to blame, just a select few. I definitely do not want to feel above anyone or stereotype a race based on a few people, but I cannot seem to get rid of that involuntary thought process. While it does not effect me everyday, it is a bit emotional because I hate having no control over the “there is a middle east person“ thought. Thankfully I do have control over how I respond, and I am thankful God allows me to push the thought aside when it enters my mind, and I am thankful he allows me to not treat them any differently or act upon the thought in a negative manner.

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