Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fast approaching, and so much left to do!

Please pray for me as I am beginning to feel the pressure of the to do list. Thankfully school is officially done and I can dedicate my time to preparing for Boston and Russia, but there still doesn't feel like enough time!

*If you'd like to specifically pray, here are the things I can think of (concerning Russia):

- Everything will go smoothly with the flights. No delays, and that we'll find our group without a problem. As I was listening to our orientation CD and they were explaining the airport process I just wanted to cry I was so confused. I am hoping it's much easier than it sounds, and that I will understand when I go back and listen to it again. And, no lost luggage!

- That I'll be able to get a Dr. appt before Russia for a tetanus and hepatitis shot.

- That customs will go quickly and without a problem.

- That I will be able to prepare my presentation in time and practice it. And that I'll be able to memorize the gospel bead bracelet so I can present it well.

- As most of you know or could at least figure out, I am not a natural at public speaking, and in fact I hate it. I get so nervous and it's just "not my thing." So, I would most appreciate your prayers in this area. I will be giving a presentation to the children and I want to be able to speak clearly, passionately, and I want my facial expressions and tone of voice to portray my love for God. I also I am a bit worried about how to present the gospel and avoid Christian lingo. It'll be a challenge.

* Concerning Boston:

- Safe travel. That the A/C will work in all the vehicles (biggie for me, I hate being warm!) and no one gets lost.

- That we'll all be a blessing to the King of Grace church and serve them with a joyful heart.

- That we'll see changed lives, perhaps even our own.

- Unity among the group. That there would be no quarrels among us. Respect for our authority- chaperones and host families.

- God glorifying conversations. That gossip will not be an issue and that we'll be encouraging to each other, lifting each other up.

Thanks so much for your prayers!!!


Maggie said...

Thanks for being specific. It helps me to know exactly what to pray for rather then "sarah and her moms russia trip and sarahs boston trip" =]. Be confident you have my prayers! What are the exact days of your russia trip again?

Anonymous said...

June 15-25