Friday, June 29, 2007

Remember When...

Megan wrote all these down after asking everyone on the trip for "Remember When's." This is definitely more for me than for my readers, because many won't make sense unless you were there. In fact, a few of them I don't even get. I changed some of them a little, for my own sake.

...Sergei called Faith and Megan voice twins
... Andrew turned off the camera 3x while trying to take a picture, each time saying "spare dogs"
...Mickey and Andrew thought Faith was pregnant
...We played Zap and Sarah said, "the doors are open but nobody's home"
...We played psychiatrist at the coffee bean, in the lounge, on the bus...everywhere!
...Dave got ice cream on his glasses
...Everyone else took the bus, but Megan, Faith, and Tim still beat them to the hotel
...The public transportation van ride back to the hotel on Friday night
...Sacha got asked out
...Zo was called yo and oz
...Jaye poured goop on a girl
...Faith and Megan beat up Andrew
..We climbed the hill at the golden gate
...Faith and Megan re-enacted Tim's proposal
...The girls yelled at Dima for taking a picture at an awful angle, and it turned out to be awesome
...Zo mixed up the word for niece with stinky
...We asked Dima if he drank the tap water and he responded with, "yes I have ice in my freezer"
...Everyone got a family pack of ice cream, courtesy of Sergei.
...Bev ate the ice cream with a sour cream and onion potato chip...Dave ate his with his glasses.
...Dave, Mickey, and Kristen weren't with us :(
...Mickey walked in on a man in the bathroom, and then re-enacted his stance
...We helped a drunk man who broke his leg
...OOOOOh Ahhhhh
.... Linda and Dave fell asleep when the high ranking official was there
...People were sick
...We couldn't figure out how the toilet worked
... The fridges hated Tim
...We had coco puffs for breakfast
...Mickey had a family pack of yogurt
...Faith had to sit on the floor of the van on the way back from the banquet
... When Faith and Sacha fell of the van seats
...Dima kept digging the hole deeper and deeper
...We had a front row seat to a soap opera on the boat
...The Americans ate Azerbaijani food in Russia
...We had to pay to "go" in a hole in the ground
...We pulled over on the side of the road to buy strawberries
...There were mirrors on the ceiling of the bathroom
...We had five courses at every meal...tomatoes and cucumbers always being one course.
...Masha taught everyone the Russian language
...Ira cursed instead of saying shirt
...God provided divine appointments
...Megan asked Andrew if Russia had a lot of spare dogs
...Faith said Sacha had no human feelings and called her an outcast
...Dima was a different kind of boy
...Sarah had sewage water on her jeans and didn't find out until it was too late to change
...We tried to get into the hotel by yelling "Americans" and then every Russian word we knew
...Mickey fed all of the cats
...We went to the market to buy lunch
...The plane ride was so long
...How perfectly the roommates were matched up
...Sacha and Faith swing danced
...We hugged the children
...Brian Regan was our hero
...Insulation was our surprise
...We handed out food
... Journaling took forever
...You couldn't remember what you did that day
...It was light at 11:30 pm
...Our interpreters were AMAZING
...Sergei said, "Da me Boozji" to everyone he saw
... We took hundreds, no thousands of pictures
...We had to walk so many flights of steps
...What is this we're eating
... We slept at all the wrong moments
...Grandmother and butterfly were the same word
...We couldn't open the hotel doors
...Everyone assumed Faith and Megan knew each other before the trip
...Andrew threw away the sacred Bus Book
...We needed our cameras for the panoramic view, all 500 of them
..Natalie bought crystal with funny money
...We had debriefing
...We didn't know poi halleluia
..We flexed
...We had to count to 80, 40 times
...Tim folded handkerchiefs
...When Andrew hadn't been around so many American women
...Russia seemed so far away.
And a few more from Kristin...
...Kristin broke out her dance moves
...Fireworks sounded like gun shots
...Potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers were at every meal
...Jaye had to pretend to milk a cow to get milk for her coffee at the open market
...The kids loved bubbles
...The pilot made up for our flight delay but then we sat on the tarmak for over an hour
...We took so many pictures of cathedrals that we don't know the names of any of them
...The tour of the Kremlin and Red Square never ended
...Driving over pot holes was like a roller coaster ride
...We all bought matching purses
...Sergei carried around the "bank"
...We ate a picnic lunch on top of sheet rock

I think if these didn't make me laugh so much they'd make me cry. Seriously, I'm not coping well being back in the States, so please pray for me. Thanks!


Meg said...

Hey Sarah!
Sounds like some really funny times! I'll be praying for you as you readjust to life here. Did you get my email?? Ttyl.
In Him.

Sarah said...

Yeah, and I thought I replied to it, didn't I? Let me try again incase it didn't work.

Yes, we had so many fun times that won't soon be forgotten. I miss it so much, even now, more than a week later.