Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Better for Everyone

I've decided that instead of posting picture in each post, I'll just link you to my facebook pictures. The process of uploading them takes way too long (even though we have cable, an 8 month old computer, and I use the "small" size option) and I can do the link no matter what computer I'm on. You'll get to see more pictures, as well as have captions for each one. It benefits us both really. So, if you have interest in seeing them, the links will be at the beginning of each post here and here, and all Russia posts from now on as well. I may include a few of my favorites in each post, but the majority will have to be seen on facebook (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO VIEW PICTURES!) For those unfamilar with facebook, the link will take you to an overview of the album of pictures from that specific day. Click the first one to enlarge it, and then just simply click anywhere on the picture to view the next one. You don't have to use the "Next" button, which is convenient.

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