Monday, August 13, 2007

God's Faithfulness


Can I just say God amazes me? It's incredible and I am in awe of everything He does for me. However, over the past few weeks or so, I have been more and more blown away with God's care for me. He has not only been answering prayers, but really, desires I had that I didn't even pray about (I definitely should have!) I am posting this list for a few reasons:
1) to serve as a reminder to me how much he cares for me. When I go through a dry spell later on, I want to look back at this and be reminded of his faithfulness.
2) To encourage anyone that reads who may not be hearing from God or lacking faith.
3) I've kept these in my head for awhile, and I just want to get them all into words.

So here it goes, in no particular order:

1) Off and on for about a year or longer, I prayer for a younger single (20-25) to sort of mentor me or befriend me, or whatever. Someone where we could relate with each other, but they were still older and could prepare me for what lies ahead in the next few years. I prayed that someone would pursue the friendship, not me ask them. Well, Sacha is that answer to prayer. We've only met one time, and I certainly hope it's not the last.

2) A car. We prayed and finally got one. I learned so much through the whole experience, and I wouldn't trade anything for what I learned.

3) Car insurance. I always thought I'd be paying at least a hundred dollars a month, but thanks to my parents good driving ability, good insurance company (whom they've been with forever), and age, I'm paying about 175 every 6 months (Although, Dad says that I will be paying more than the 34 a month because it should have been more)

4) More income. I've been given many more hours at work, and a babysitting client opportunity (nothing ever came about it, but still...). I needed more money to afford the upcoming costs of car insurance, gas, college, sponsor child bill, and a cell phone that I should be getting soon (Yes, I'm 18, and do not have my own cell phone. I wanted to hold off as long as possible because I hate spending money, especially on something I probably won't use much)

5) I had been wanting to step up from helper to teacher in Sunday school. I definitely wanted to stay with the two year olds, and I wasn't aware of any teachers leaving the class. So, I just basically decided to stay a helper, and consider it again when the opportunity arose. Well, it came this past Sunday. I will be swapping roles with Mrs. Mitzy, who has stepped down because she will have less time to commit to teaching. It's a bit intimidating, following in the shoes of someone so creative. However, I'm expecting to be humbled many times (pride is an area in my life God has been tearing down a lot recently!), and the experience for me, a future teacher (Lord willing) is great.

6) Mrs. Nan stopped me in the hall at church to say she works with this organization, which I, of course, forget the name of, and God keeps putting my name on her heart (to I guess get involved). It's a mission works organization of sorts, and she thought I might be interested in volunteering, which I am. I've been praying about going back to Russia next summer, but have been feeling like God is calling me to a third world country. Not because I want to go, but because I need to go. I've been convicted about how much I value comfort. Showers, air, heat, and cleanliness are just of far too much importance to me and I need to let it go. So, while at first I was making excuses like "I wouldn't benefit anyone if I was headachey and miserable the whole time" but, I feel like God is saying I just need to trust him. I don't know the future, so who is to say I would be headachey and miserable?

7) Mrs. Maria from church, called to ask if I could help out at a kids thing our church is doing in the fall, and then asked if I would be interested in basically running her daycare for 4 months (Sept 2008-Dec 2008). Wow! Talk about a great opportunity. That would be about the best way to find out if that's something I would want to do down the road. She also knows I'd be in school, and is willing to try to work around that.

8) Wanting to get a lot more out of Sunday messages. I didn't have the right attitude when it came to listening to messages on Sunday morning. Lately, the pastors have been preaching on things that really impact me, and it's been great. One of the things I had been disappointed with was I didn't feel I was being enough of a light in the workplace. We had a message recently that convicted me of it once again, and then two people at work said things to me that let me know they are noticing me as different in a good way. So that was encouraging.

Well, that's about all I can think of right now.


laurie said...

Sarah, this is fantastic. thank you for sharing. my faith is built just reading about God's faithfulness and kindness to you. y

Sacha said...

Hey Sarah! I definitely want to keep going out! I had such a good time with you. I am excited to hear what God's doing in you and through you!

Zoanna said...

These are answers to MY prayers as well. As your momma, of course I love to see such rich opportunties come your way, and a friend like Sach. But if you two run away to Zimbabwe without me, you're gonna break my heart. I'm kidding. I must let go when I must let go.
Maria's job offer is astounding to make to an 18 year old. She said, "I wouldn't trust just anybody to run my daycare." That says a LOT about you,sweetakins.

Beth Young said...

I love the look of your new blog! Thank you for the encouragement.