Sunday, August 19, 2007

Russia Trip: Day 6 / Ministry Day 3

Pictures from Ministry Day 3

I don't remember anything super exciting happening this day, but it was awesome anyway. That morning we visited two ladies during a home visit. That was a really enjoyable time. It was Me, Mom, Faith, Megan, Dima, and two Russians with Mercy Ministries I didn't know very well. Apparently the Russian women with us had a relationship with these women and were constantly sharing the Gospel. I love knowing God's love was penetrating that home before we got there, and will continue even though we're gone. We were able to lay hands on and pray for these women who desperately wanted to be healed from their illnesses.

One thing that I loved about this particular visit was the questions one of the women asked. As mom was presenting the apron to her, and explaining (very well) what each color meant, they seemed to really be listening and taking it in. When she got to blue, the Holy Spirit, that's when this lady just really asked questions, trying to understand. I think the others in our group did an amazing job trying to clarify for her. Neither came to Christ that day, but hopefully one day they will.

After that, we left and almost got hit by a big truck (pedestrians don't have the right of way) in a market. We didn't realize we were walking in a place vehicles could go.

Anyway, we went to the home of a really kind, elderly, Christian couple and ate a delicious meal. Then, we sang and sang, which is what I was totally looking forward to. I'm not sure why, I just really was looking forward to singing in two different languages. A glimpse of Heaven, I guess.

After leaving there, we went to this family facility (sometimes adults are there, but when we went it was just children) and did our standard stuff. Although this time, we also sang as a group for them (some of us called it "making a joyful noise") and then broke down into our small groups. I really loved this group of kids. I know I say that about all of them, but it's true! I didn't realize at the time how much I loved this group, but looking back, I definitely see how much I loved them. There weren't any really young kids (although, it was my turn to do my presentation and I embarrassed myself by thinking they were a lot younger!) so it made it easier to play games and connect.

That night, we went to Immanuel church. Oh my goodness, I think we were all exhausted, but I personally loved the church. It reminded me so much of my church, so maybe that's why/

We went back to the hotel, had a picnic style dinner, and Sergei got us each a family pack of ice cream. If that doesn't say a lot about what they think of Americans, I don't know what does. :) Anyway, those of us who were lactose intolerant or otherwise didn't want any, skipped out on it, but the rest found ingenious ways to eat their huge block of ice cream. Someone used a potato chip (Sour cream and onion flavor) while another tried his glasses and a cup. We had a great time, laughing and talking in that third floor lobby. I really do miss those people.

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