Sunday, December 16, 2007


I just wanted to let all my Chesapeake readers know that I am available for babysitting on Wednesday nights to anyone who may need a babysitter for caregroup. Or, if you don't need a sitter, but hear of anyone who does, feel free to let them know I am available. They would probably have to be fairly close to me or the college (and probably kinda close to where they meet for caregroup), as I would be coming from a class that ends at 6:50.

- I do provide my own transportation
- I don't really have a curfew
- I have babysat for a single child to as many as 5- size doesn't bother me.
- I don't have a set rate. I generally leave it to the parents to decide which is usually whatever they are used to paying for a sitter. I do it because I love it, money is only a bonus, not the reason.

Thanks everyone...I really miss babysitting on caregroup nights and would love to be able to on a regular basis.


Laurie said...

How far are you willing to come?

Beth Young said...

That was cute, Laurie!

Sarah, I will remember this, thank you :-) Generally, we have Chad's parents babysit, but we've missed a lot of care groups lately because our their schedules conflicted with ours.

Is there any other night(s) that you also have available on a regular basis?

zoanna said...

Laurie, if she goes to Akron, I'm going with her! Although gas plus tolls might be a little more than you wanted to pay on a caregroup night. I mean, I think she deserves that kind of money ALL the timem, but still.... (She has been called the babysitter who actually plays with the kids, not just watches them play).

zo said...

Oh, yeh, did she mention that class gets out at 6:50? Maybe BEN could make it to Akron in a half hour, but my girlie's a bit less of a leadfoot.