Monday, January 21, 2008

Goals for the Spring Semester

It's that time again-- back to school. Wednesday will be the start of 14 more credits, homework, and tests. It will be a time for learning, trusting, and growing. It will be a time to once again test where I believe my strength and hope come from. So often I get caught up in what needs to get done and it leads me to worrying, allowing myself to become overwhelmed, and it shoves the idea that God is in control to the side. I will often skim through my devotions because I'm too tired. I was awful at sharing my faith. I was so caught up in the "I don't want people to hate me", "I don't want to stir up trouble", and my all-time best excuse: "I can evangelize through actions." While it's great to want to be agreeable, keep the peace, and evangelize through actions, I've been convicted that this really isn't enough.

So, this semester I want to be purposeful in making changes, both spiritual and academic. Hopefully by having people to keep me accountable (you didn't know I was going to suck you into this, did you?) and having them written, I will make an effort to accomplish these goals. In no particular order, here they are:

1) Raise my GPA. Not for the purpose of making the President's list (although that'd be nice, I don't want that to be my goal) but for the purpose of glorifying God. I know if I work my best with an attitude pleasing to God, that is enough, and is my ultimate goal. It would simply be nicer if I worked with a pleasing attitude and raised my GPA all at once. :)

2) Get a scholarship. I am applying for a scholarship that would pay for 2 full years at the community college. I need to get my application and 3 recommendation forms in by February 1. Once I do that, I wait for a call. If I am invited to do the next step, I will go to the school on Feb. 23 to write a 300-500 word essay on a given topic. From there, they will pick 5 people. Please pray if you think about it-- Thanks!

3) Do at least 1 thing extra on campus. I was going to join the Christian club they have, but it meets for Bible study on Tuesdays, and I'm not on campus that day. I don't necessarily need to be in a regular event, just a one time something extra event like a concert, meeting, etc.

4) Be more open about my faith. I don't need, want, or plan to be the Billy Graham on campus, but I don't want to purposefully avoid bringing up my faith for the sake of not making waves. "Evangelizing through actions" is good to a point, but I do want to be more outspoken about God. I am hoping that by having a class with a Christian friend, there will be more opportunity to do this. And, it's in a science class, which could make for some very good opportunities!

5) Spend more time in the Word. I have a 2 hour gap between my classes which would be a great time to get some reading done while it's quiet and I can focus.

Those are the 5 I can think of right now. I might think of some more and add to it, but for now, that's my list.

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