Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Stupid Things I Do

Lately I've been thinking about all the dumb things that enter my mind...and the many that actually escape and go from thoughts to words and actions. Some call them "blonde" moments, but I am definitely not blonde. So, for me, they're just "dumb" moments.

+ A few years ago I was at one of those one way roads due to construction. I was second in line. The vehicle in front of me was a huge work truck that I thought was part of the crew. Apparently he wasn't. Of course I didn't find this out until after the worker holding the stop sign yelled at me. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? What's going to happen when that 18-wheeler comes down here? Huh? What then?" So, embarrassed to the max, I reverse myself back in the line of about 50 cars.

+ I sat in a convertible and thought, "There's no sun roof."

+ I began using this weight machine the wrong way. I've used the machine before correctly, but the ONE day the instructor was walking around, I start using it completely backwards. He was nice about it, but I could tell he was trying not to laugh as he said, "With this one, you actually..." I was too embarrassed to even defend myself, but I was laughing about it 5 minutes later.

+ While still on my permit, I thought the van was in reverse. After plowing through the garage door and hearing the glass windows break, I learned I was actually in drive. My brother, who was away that night, came home the next day with some family friends, thinking our house had tried to get broken into.

+ I get so used to using a razor knife at work that a few times when I'm having a hard time opening something, I'll reach into my apron to grab the knife, only to realize I'm not at work and don't have an apron or a razor knife.

+ When I was babysitting, the lady asked me to water the flowers if I got a chance and remembered. Of course I would, how hard could it be? Well, it took me just about forever to figure out the hose, I dragged it up the deck only to find out the spigot was down under the deck where I got the hose from, and water was going everywhere on the deck...not just on the flowers! When I was done, I went to put the hose back and of course it's underneath the dripping deck. I came in with my pant leg soaked, and my back sprinkled. I asked the little girl if they had a hair dryer. She asked why. I told her because I got myself soaked by the hose. Her comforting response: "Did you get any on the flowers?"

There are many more that aren't coming to mind right now, but if I think of any, I'll add to the list. Even if I could think of them, I'm not sure I would want to overwhelm you and have you wondering if you really want to admit you know me... or for some of you, that you actually hang out with me. Or even worse, that I'm the one you let watch your kids. Haha. :)


Mom said...

The apple, once again, doesn't fall far from the tree.

But I love ya!

Sacha said...

ha ha ha love this!