Friday, July 11, 2008

Complaining vs. Sharing What's Going On

Last night my care group had our ladies group and we were discussing the topic of grumbling. One of the questions that was asked that I thought was really interesting (and I had been thinking about it myself lately) was: where is the line between complaining and just sharing about what's going on in your life (the inconveniences, trials, etc)?

Instead of sharing my thoughts on it, I thought it'd be better to open it up to anyone who wants to give their view. So, please leave a comment! I'm really curious to hear what others have to say about this (as well as see who actually still reads this blog :))


Anonymous said...

I think it has to deal with your heart motivation. If your motive in sharing is because you see your own heart's weakness and you truly desire input to know how to walk through that circumstance in a way that honors God, then I think its fine to share. But if your motivation is to vent and/or to get people to agree with you...then it's probably not something you should really share.

Leanne said...

I'm with Kris. For me, it's a constant watch on my heart. Sometimes I genuinely want advice in a situation, but if people don't respond "the way I think they should", then I feel let down or something in a way that tells me my true motivation. Being willing to repent of those times is important.