Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parental Influence: Part 1--Tithing

***I was going to make parental influences one post and mention two things, but I decided instead of scaring people away with a long post, I would break it into two parts. ***

For awhile I have wanted to share two things I appreciate about my parents and what I have learned from their example that carries into my life that has been a blessing to me. This is part one.

I first want to talk about how my parents are excellent examples of giving to the Lord through tithe. They don't view their money as theirs, but understand that "their" money ultimately belongs to the Lord. For as long as I can remember, my parents have faithfully tithed. Never have I heard them complain about it, or view it as an option. They don't do it dutifully, but with joy. As long as I've been making money, they have encouraged me to tithe, and I can say that the joy I see in them through giving to the Lord through the local church, has poured into my life and so I can now give with joy. When I get my tithe statement from the church and see the amount I could have had for myself, there is that moment of thinking about all I could have done with that money, but that is short lived when I compare it to the fruit that comes from sowing into the Kingdom. They also never let tithe be an issue between them. I never hear my dad discourage my mom from writing the check, nor does my mom ever question my dad on giving. I have seen my parents take turns writing the check, never with reluctance. Their shared view on the importance is an example to me and has shown me the importance of marrying a man who has the same views on tithing.

So parents, NEVER underestimate how much of an impact your tithing has on your children, no matter their age. I can hear about the importance of tithing all I want, but to see my parents' example has been more impacting than probably any message I've ever heard on it (not said to discount the importance of messages on it).

Dad and Mom, thank you SO much for your godly example of tithing.

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