Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free Stuff on Craigslist

I like to visit Craigslist free section, hoping that one day there may be something I want... but usually the ads just serve as a way to make me laugh over the ridiculousness of what people want to get rid of. I honestly think some people just don't want to make a trip to Goodwill or the dump, so they stick it on CL. Enjoy! And yes, these are all REAL ads by REAL people, I'm not making these up. (Some ads are local, some I found in random cities)

- This couch is not perfect...but it's free so what the heck! Stained/yellowed and covered in cat/dog hair and the padding is not as amazing as it once was...but hey...FREE! It's not bad, just not great. I would have loved to have it when I was a staving college kid, and I am guessing there might be others out there who feel the same. It doesn't smell and no one peed on it, so man, what a deal! I hate to just throw it away when it's not broken, so I really hope someone comes and gets it!

- Bought at the end of summer and never used. Full gallon of cherry cider unopened.

- White Kenmore washing machine. New Jan/04. Will not spin or wash. We have a new one, it's your to figure out.

-3 empty russel stoffers heart boxes. good for refilling for valentines day or craft projects.

- Free - space heater (non-working) and shower rod

-I have a toilet with a weeble wobble stuck in it. The tank is fine, but the base is probably done, we replaced the toilet.

-White, GE dishwasher free to anyone who will pick it up. Was in working condition before being removed

- Box of Firearm Magazines. Good reading when its to cold to go to the range.


- Awesome robin egg blue toilet. Works fine, like an old toilet. It's free.

- was half of a sectional, but gave the other half away a long time ago

- I cooked a little 8lb turkey for Christmas but my family didn't make it in. I really don't like turkey. Its all cooked - just with garlic salt and butter. I did take some of it off and fed it to a stray dog otherwise it is perfectly fine. I DON'T want to just throw it out. SO if someone can use it for soup or food for their pets I would be very happy to give it to you. It's still in the pan I cooked it in.


Michelle said...

People giving away food via Craig's List freak me out.

Anonymous said...
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Kelly said...

The turkey thing is awesome...