Sunday, March 21, 2010


I was reading this journal entry from Mike Donehey (from the band Tenth Avenue North) and found his closing thoughts particularly encouraging:

Do you know that?
Do you know that your heart is too big for this world?
Have you rested in God as the source of your heart’s longing?
Or are you still clinging to the lie that your soul is small enough to be satisfied by this world?
Have you considered Moses’ prayer in Psalm 90,
“Satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love?”

I love that prayer, because it shows us that Moses knew his own heart.
He knew how much joy He was made for, and He knew that if He didn’t get God
to come and pour into the canyon of his heart first thing in the morning, that he would
go running after pebble like substitutes.
Satisfy me in the morning! In the morning!
And then, and this is the hard part,
if you don’t feel satisfied, don’t go running after substitutes.
Just wait.
Sit right there, content in your discontentment, and say to God,
“Alright look. I don’t feel satisfied by you right now, but one thing I know,
no matter what else I run to, it’s not gonna do it for me anyway, so I’m gonna wait for you.
Teach me O Lord, to know deeply that I’m not home here,
Teach me that all this world offers, and all the good things you’ve given us to enjoy,
they may be good, but they’re not the ultimate.
They’re not you.
Only you can satisfy.

“Taste and see the Lord is good.
How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.”
-Psalm 34:8

Go here to read the whole entry (it's long, but it's good).

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