Friday, November 12, 2010

“You’re not as bad as most.…”

Those were the words that came from my professor’s mouth when I was talking to her about a recent paper I wrote. She had said that the papers our class had written were taking so long to grade because of all the grammatical mistakes we had made. Concerned, I let her know I was “worried” about it, and that was the response she gave to reassure me.

In a way, I took comfort in this reassurance. I wasn’t as bad as most. That’s good. That means, if I fail, then most everyone else is failing right along with me. At least I wouldn’t be alone in my misery. Then it hit me…

God is speaking.

Yes, He has a way of doing that. Ever so gently, the Lord was telling me something that I needed to hear. You see, too often this statement echoes in my mind when it comes to sin. “You’re not as bad as most…” And I get that same comfortable feeling once again knowing that when I’m “failing” at life, others are “failing” right along with me.

But I shouldn’t be comfortable. Where in the Bible does it say there’s comfort in knowing you aren’t as bad as most? Nowhere. The thing is, I am not only just as bad, I’m worse than most. And there’s certainly no comfort in knowing that others are dishonoring God in the way they live their lives, too.

The good news, however, is that because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I’m going to spend eternity with my Father. Yes, my wickedness put Him on the cross, but yes, his mercy and love saved me on that same cross. My sin that put Jesus on the cross is the same sin that I am forgiven of on that cross. Hallelujah!

I’m still bad… I still mess up… but by the blood of the Lamb, I’m saved… I’m loved… I’m forgiven.

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Anonymous said...

This was encouraging! Thanks for sharing Sarah !