Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let your Faith be Shocking

I used to think it would be devastating if someone was shocked to find out that I was a Christian.

Today, God gave me a different perspective.

As I've become more open about my faith with friends, it seems to shock some people when they find out that "I'm not living" (translation: don't get drunk, do drugs, cuss, sleep around, etc). But, I'm glad they're shocked. It doesn't mean that I'm not being Christ-like-- I truly hope that because of Christ's work in me, they can see a difference--  it means that they don't feel judged or inferior or condemned, but that they feel accepted and loved and valued.

So if you're like me, and feel like shocking someone with your Christianity would make you seem like a failure as a Christian, don't beat yourself up. I don't believe that's how it should be. Let's shock them with our love and acceptance; shock them with how LIKE CHRIST we are instead of how LIKE "MOST CHRISTIANS" we are. 

Who can you shock today? 

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