Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scripture Memory (Resources)

Confession: I have the memory of an 90 year old.

Unless it's a short kids song I've sung a million times or one verse of a worship song I've song my entire life, I just can't remember. People on those dancing and singing shows amaze me, not always because of their talent (though impressive) but more just because I don't understand how someone can memorize an entire song.

That's just not me.

So imagine how tough memorizing the Word of God is for me. It certainly isn't because I don't see it as important. It's not like I can memorize everything except the Bible. I just can't remember any songs or passages or phone numbers or things of that nature.

If you find yourself able to relate to any of this just a little, here are two online FREE resources that have helped me memorize not just stand-alone verses, but passages of scripture. The continual reviews are what I need. I will likely have to review and review for a year before I can confidently say these verses are committed to memory, and thankfully both websites have the ongoing memorization/review aspect.

These two helpful websites are:

Scripture Typer



Hope these may help motivate you to start the wonderful discipline of scripture memory.

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