Monday, November 14, 2005

Quote from "Imitation of Christ"

Sorry for not beginning the morning routines series. I'd like to start that series this week, but today and tomorrow I already have quotes planned. Today's quote comes from Thomas a Kempis, author of "The Imitation of Christ"

"The more humble a man is in himself and the more obedient he is to God, the more wise and peaceful will he be in everything he will have to do." (Taken from Book 1, Chapter 4)


Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing this great quote. I read "Imitation of Christ" as a teenager and was blown away by it. It's great that you're filling your mind with such good stuff!

Zoanna said...

Sarah, isn't it too bad that the "Imitation of Christ" is not doctrinally sound through and through? I'm glad you read the whole thing and did that chart comparing biblical truth to Kempis' errors. He was devout, no doubt, but-- sadly--was way off base.