Thursday, April 27, 2006


This summer I plan on getting my first job. I tried last year by applying to the only daycare that was actually hiring. I didn't get the job because they needed someone to work full time and I couldn't. So this year I plan on applying once again, hopefully in a daycare, but if not I might try a pet store or bookstore, even though working with kids would be my first choice.

So for now I'll be on the lookout for job opportunities with kids (or any job that's not a restaurant or fast food!)

Anyway, all that to say I was curious to know what your first job was and at what age. ("Real" job, that is) Did you like it or was it a have to thing? Any good stories about your job? I can't wait to hear them!


Zoanna said...

My first real job was babysitting. A dollar an hour, 9 hours a day, 5 days a week in the summer. Hated it. Second real job was as a waitress at Woolworth's (long gone from Harford Mall). I spilled 4 large, ice-cold sodas at once--right on the customers I was serving. Despite that, I discovered I really enjoyed waiting tables. Eventually I worked in better restaurants and loved learning all I could about food preparation, presentation, and service. However, at the last restaurant where I worked, the chef promised to make my wedding cake as a gift for me. I counted on him because he was always reliable. Guess what? He quit that restaurant after I did, and forgot his promise to me, so one of my bridesmaids ended up getting me a cake from Bel Air Bakery as HER gift to me. (I joked that she had already given me a wok, so for me getting married was a cake-wok.)

Danielle said...

My first job was cleaning houses for $10 an hour. I had three houses I cleaned during high school. Then I worked a grocery store and I've waited tables too. I liked waiting tables way better than the grocery store because it was so much more fast paced and better money. Worked at Subway (didn't like that). I've also worked in the Music, Art, and Communications office at York College for 4 years, babysat (didn't like that!) and taught AP English online, substitute taught public high school, and a taught creative non-fiction writing class. Whew. Then I got a "real" job, which is where I am now!

Praying God will line up the perfect job for you!

Briana Almengor said...

First job: working the french frier at a D.Q/Stuckey's. It only lasted one month b/c it was such a horrible place to work. I was only 14 at the time!

2nd job: scooped icecream at a local dairy farm's icecream/grocery shop, similar to "Broom's Bloom Dairy" up on 543, but a bit bigger. I was there all through highschool and college on my breaks. I still stop in to say hello to my old boss and 4 of my 6 sibs also worked there at some point, too. Good 'ol WayHar Farms!!
We ate all the icecream we wanted for free, and I never got sick of it.

I've had all kinds of jobs since then, but it's already a much too long comment for someone's blog. :)

Hope you find the job of your dreams!!

Libby said...

My first job was unrealistic...let me explain! I worked 40 hours a week, sort of. I lifeguarded at a Christian camp--actually watched the pool for 4 hours a day then got to hang out with kids and teenagers! Got paid to have fun, $20 buck an hour! I did that for two summers and absolutely loved it. Got to save 4 people, once had to jump in when I was fully clothed!