Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Current Favorite CD: Casting Crowns- Lifesong

Casting Crowns newest CD, Lifesong, has become one of my favorites. Usually CD's have a few "good" songs, and the rest just don't really appeal to me. This is not the case with Lifesong. I love just about every song on the CD. Another thing I love about this CD is that before each song in the lyrics pamphlet (or whatever they are called) there is scripture listed to go along with the song, sharing its theme. I have loved using them as a devotional. I listeed to the song, read the scripture, and really benefitted from the truth that radiates from both the Bible and the lyrics. I really encourage you to listen to the songs, and have the lyrics nearby. I really find it helps to have the lyrics in front of me the first time, but then again, that's just me, and others may be better at focusing on the words than I am.

I was going to give a short "commentary" on each song, but decided it's best you just listen to
it. :)

(I hoped to update more frequently, however it's not looking that way. I was inspired by the girltalk blog and Mrs. Laurie to try my own schedule, so I'm giving that a try this week. Perhaps I'll have something to post about that)

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