Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 1 on the Schedule

Today was my first day on my new schedule (not that I really had an old one...) and I'd like to think it went fairly well. Sure, things got messed up like:

  • 20 minutes late in starting the housework, due to trying new products (shampoo and some kind of styling cream) in attempts to tame my out of control, wild, frizzy, insanely dry hair.
  • Leaving my scissors at Mrs. Briana's Friday night which shouldn't be a big deal, except it was, because I had to locate some other cutting utensil, and in our house, that's no quick feat.
  • My 30 minute slot for practicing piano ended up being spent looking for a worship song to learn, and then to print it out. Of course, the printer decided to give me a hard time, and so it took 40 something minutes, and I didn't get to actually really practice.
  • Steve's friends were over watching a movie in the basement, which is where the tradmill is. It was too hot for me to walk outside (I get bad headaches in the heat) so I couldn't get a walk in today.

However, I was pleased with the things I did get accomplished. Things that probably wouldn't have happened had I not scheduled it to make time for it, such as:

  • Two hours of cross-stitching. For those wondering why in the world I spent this long on a fun thing, it's because I have a deadline of I believe August 1. I'm making it for lovequilts and I'm not a speedy cross-stitcher.
  • I was able to organize Joel's dresser, the lazy susan, the silverware drawer, fill up my fish tank (it was running low on water, poor fish), among other things.
  • Spend an hour and 30 minutes of quality time with my little brother reading to him and watching him on the slip n' slide.
  • Get an hour of reading in

I'd like to hope you wives, mother, and career women aren't sitting there laughing at my schedule and commenting how easy my life is, however, I understand that my life is probably less than 1% as busy as yours.

Also, this is a huge change for me. Structure has never really been a part of my life. My life is very laid back, go with the flow, complete certain tasks, and have fun. I didn't go on this schedule because I felt like it's what "good Christians do" but because I realized I wasn't making the most of my time, and I wasn't spending it wisely. This schedule is not to make others upset, seeing one more person doing that scehduling thing. Instead, I did it because I wanted to change my daily habits. To feel satisfied with how I am spending my time, and hoping I can glorify God with how I go about my day. This is going to be tough, and who knows whether I'll stick with it. Each week the schedule will change based on the week's activities, but I hope to maintain my main goal: Structure.

Well, I gotta get to bed, I know this ended sorta abruptly.

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