Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 2 on the Schedule

Well day 2 didn't go quite so well. I decided for my housework I'd tackle an organizing project that was really bad, and almost never, ever gets done. Sure, it was only one shelf in a cabinet, but it had been forever since it had been done, and what I thought would take 30 minutes took 2 and half! Needless to say, my lunch break got bumped farther into the afternoon, and my hour special time with Joel didn't happen (he was napping anyway, so it wasn't too big of a deal). I got a lot more cross stitching done, and so I really have hope I can finish this project before it's deadline. Yay! I was also able to pick out paint colors for my room, and mom went out and picked them up along with the new LR/DR/Entryway paint. (Thanks mom!)

The biggest thing I've learned so far is being able to maintain structure, spend my time wisely and efficiently, get stuff accomplished, and to be flexible. I am a stickler for time, when I babysit, if I'm supposed to get the kids in bed at 8:30, I try and get them in their beds right at 8:30, no later or sooner. Of course, I try to be flexible and I've gotten better about it, but at the same time, I don't want to get so lax they aren't in bed until 9:30. So I went into this whole schedule thing thinking I would do everything right to the minute and I thought it might control my day. Thankfully, that hasn't been a problem. I've been able to not "freak out" because I only got 45 minutes of reading in, or that I slept in 18 minutes longer than I should have.

In conclusion, Day 1 was great, Day 2 slipped a little, but my plan is to improve tomorrow.

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Zoanna said...

You are doing great, Sarah. I can't think of a more doting big sister or happier little brother. And the places you've tackled organizationally in your 2 days of schedule make me say, "Hmm! It CAN be done." As for picking up the paint, you're welcome. You know I love paint projects. Convincing Dad to go for the triad of your Green Crush , King's Treasure purple, and Brilliant Sea blue could only have been accomplished by someone he loves very much. He'd rather keep you in your little girl blue and pink room forever!