Monday, July 10, 2006

Questions and Answers

Many times I get asked the same questions by several different people. While I don't mind answering these questions over and over, I thought it'd be fun to blog my personal FAQ's. So, for those who may be wondering certain thing but haven't gotten the chance to ask, these might be helpful.

Are you the oldest in your family?
This is answered in the sidebar in the "About me" section. I am the second oldest. I am 13 months younger than my 18-year-old brother. Next comes my alomst 15 year old brother, followed by my youngest brother who is 4.

How do you feel about being the only girl with 3 brothers?
I love it! Of course I've always longed for a little sister, but I've accepted the fact that that will probably never happen, so I'm content being the only girl. In a selfish way, I love being the only girl. In addition to being the only girl in a family of 4 kids, there are only 4 girl cousins out of 17 (I think) cousins in the extended family (that includes both sides). I'm the only granddaughter on my mom's side, so I've gotten my share of being spoiled. As for my dad's side, 2 of those cousins are grown, married, parents in Ohio, so when I gather with extended family on my dad's side, I'm pretty used to the loud, deep voices, sharing guy jokes. I think now you know why I'm such a tomboy, much to my family's disappointment.

So you really love kids, huh?
YES!!! I have a passion for kids. I love babysitting. I can't remember ever not liking kids. I believe it's a God-given love and passion, and one I'm truly thankful for. My favorite thing is being around kids, whether babysitting, working in Sunday school, or just seeing them at church or in the store.

You probably have a lot of babysitting jobs, right?
Not at all. I only have one regular babysitting job which is every other week for caregroup. Then ocassionally I'll babysit for another family. Then of course, built-in, no pay babysitting for my little brother. That's the extent of my babysitting.

Do you want more babysitting jobs?
Yes, I would love more jobs.

How do you like being homeschooled?
I love it!

Do you feel sheltered?
No, it's my choice to stay homeschooled. My parents are open to me going to our church school, but I'd like to graduate from home since I've been homeschooled all my life.

So you get to do school in your PJ's?
No, not really. I don't function that well if I don't shower soon after I wake up. I rarely skip a shower unless I'm sick or something, because it makes me feel unproductive and lazy. I don't usually wear "PJ's", but rather just normal clothes to bed. This past year, I took a class at our church school, so I had to get up just, showered, ready and out the door just like any other "normal" student.

How does the homeschool thing work? Do you get enough social interaction?
I am pretty shy, but it's not because I don't get enough social interaction. I get to be around people in gym class, geometry class, church, youth events, chemistry class, various co-ops, etc. I don't necessarily get the interaction every day, but I get it enough that I don't go crazy. However, I probably do get more of those urges to get out of the house than most people do.
As far as how the homeschool thing works in high school, I pretty much teach myself the subjects. Some subjects I have outside the house, so I don't teach myself every subject, but I do self-teach most, and that works great for me.


I'm sure there are more questions, but for now, that's all I can think of. If I think of more, I'll post them sometime.

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I remember getting asked "homeschool" questions like that!