Friday, July 07, 2006

Days 4 and 5 on the Schedule

Yesterday, Day 4, was more laid back. However it was not completely schedule free. I was really tired, probably because my lack of sleep Monday-Wednesday was catching up to me by yesterday (the new wake up time doesn't allow me sleep in just because I was out babysitting the night before). I kept my morning routine, but come 3 in the afternoon, reading and cross- stitching were the last things I felt like doing. I wanted to take a nap, but that didn't happen, so I opted to watch a movie.

Yesterday, in addition to being tired, I came down with a mild cold- congestion, irritated (not sore) throat, and clogged head/mild headache.

Today, Day 5 on the schedule, I still have the cold, so I decided to make this a schedule free day after 11 this morning. This decision worked out well because Mom and Steve were gone all day, and I was left babysitting Joel. We had so much fun! The time we had together never would have happened if I chose to do the schedule. Although I'm disappointed that I didn't get any housework or reading done, and only 45 minutes of cross-stitching accomplished, I don't really regret the choice. Playing Monopoly with Steve, and Go Fish and Crazy 8's with Joel was awesome.

Anyway, while this schedule thing is great, I'm glad I was able to go off of it for a day and spend some quality time with my little brother without feeling horrible that I was lazy. Maybe tonight I'll get some cleaning, reading, and cross-stitching done. If not, tomorrow's Saturday, and Saturdays are almost always spent cleaning.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Sacha said...

hey Sarah-
I was offered a teaching job this summer at HCC (which I did last summer). It is to teach a class of kids for one weeks from 9-12. The class is called computer capers...which is basically teaching them how to make newpapers or newsletters on the computer. would you be interested in the job? I will be on vacation and my former boss wanted to know if i could recommend someone. I'll give you a call today (Saturday).