Monday, August 14, 2006

Praise God

This morning I called Michael's to see about the job I applied and interviewed for. I was expecting to have it be negative, because the manager said he'd call Friday, but I didn't hear from him all weekend. I was shocked, yet estatic, when I heard "We pretty much want to hire you." I need a work permit -I guess to make it official (any idea how homeschoolers get one?)

Just wanted to quickly thank you all for your prayers. God's mercy and generosity never cease.

In other news, today my granddad helped me apply a coat of paint to my room. Tomorrow I should finish it, then I can decorate when we return from Myrtle Beach. Within a month I should have the curtains sewn, the shelves painted and up, and all the finishing touches done. Then I'll take and post some pictures for you all.


Kristin said...

Congratulations!! I will look for you in there, as I can be a frequent flyer there...especially in the beginning of the school year.

As far as work permits, you may want to call a local high school and see what they would suggest. I'm sure the guidance counselors there would know.

Libby said...

Sarah, you can get a permit from Chesapeake. That's what I always did! Just ask Jacob or Lisa for one. Can't wait to see pictures of your room!

Danielle said...

Congratulations!! I'll look for you as well! Have fun on vacation and also glad to hear you're moving along with redecorating your room.