Saturday, December 02, 2006

So Happy!

Way back in the Summer, you may remember that I posted about finally finishing a cross stitch for a quilt. Well, that quilt is finished and here is a picture of Chayce with it. What a priviledge to be a part of something that brings such happiness to this ill, little boy. Lord willing, I'll be able to contribute to another quilt shortly.


Anonymous said...

OH, he's preciously adorable! Look at that face! He is so happy. I'm so pleased to watch your maternal instincts just keep flourishing. You care far and wide about the littlest people, Sarah. I love you!!!

Sacha said...

Awww!! That is SO sweet!

Danielle said...

That's wonderful, Sarah! He does look so blessed!

Renee said...

Is this lovely little boy your son? He looks so sweet. I know how it's to share the life of suffering children. One of my sons is a Down syndrom young man, and the youngest of our children is heavily disabled with another no curable disease added. Unexpected events can occur on nicest days.
I enjoy to read your blog that I'm just discovering, and see your photos. and I'll come back because I like to dive into a foreign culture. I'm a Christian French mother and grand mother.My blog is both in French and English and it's mainly about the Bible pictured in cross stitch, and other topics too. It would be nice to have your visit and comments. God keep you bless you richly and 2007.

Sarah said...

Mrs. Renee, thank you for commenting.

That is not my son, it is a boy that I read about on and decided to cross stitch a square for a quilt for him.

Maggie said...

Hey Sarah!!!!
That quilt is really cool!! I bet he loved it. he and his story are amazing. This little boy is SO strong!!! I know you def blessed him!!! See you TOMORROW!!!!