Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fund Raising Ideas?

Our school is taking a missions trip to Boston in June to help out with King of Grace church, another Sovereign Grace church that began about 4 years ago.

Normally we do meatball sub fund raisers, but we're looking for some new ideas, in hopes that the people who don't normally buy then, don't like them, or are just getting tired of them, can participate in helping us out with a donation (and getting something in return).

My questions for you all are:
What do you think would be a good idea for us to raise money?
What does your church, school, or group do to raise money?
What have you tried (or heard about) that did NOT work?
What do you think would be a good service for a group of high schoolers to offer?



Just Jonna said...

My daughter is currently raising funds to go on the Brio mission trip to Peru this summer. Among her fundraisers, she has been bakin cookies, brownies, and muffins and sending them to work with her dad. A box of brownie mix is $1 at StuffMart, it made a dozen large brownies,and she sold all of them for $1 each. Today we sent chocolate chip cookies, 4 in a bundle for $1. I hope they go as well as the brownies did!

This fundraiser does require her to bake something each evening. (that just breaks my heart, having all those fresh baked goodies around)

Joe said...

"Because I just read that it's national delurking week."

I missed national delurking week. Besides, I just discovered your blog.

I really don't have any fund-raising ideas, having just read this post, but if I think of any, I'll come back and share.

Renee said...

Twice a year the youth group of our church is taking part in a secular car boot sale (at least it's called so in England! but I'm French). So they ask all members of our church to give the things that they don't need any more, sometimes vintage items, old games, tools, dishes, too... which are sold very cheap. All the profit is for the acticities of the youth group like outreaches and so. I pray that God bless your project. Friendly from France.

Danielle said...

I cleaned houses to raise money for a missions trip once. At the time I think I charged $10 an hour.