Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One of the many reasons I love my little brother

Joel, being only 5 years old, doesn't quite understand the mail system. He drew this wonderful picture (he has got to be the most talented 5 year old artist I know!) and wanted to send it to his friend Ethan. He asked me to spell "from" and "Ethan" so I did, thinking nothing of it. Well, a little later, he comes up and informs me he sent his letter to Ethan.

Me: Joel the mail already came, and did Mom address it for you?
Joel: No
Me: Is there a stamp on it?
Joel: No, but it says "To Ethan From Joel"
Me: Joel, the mailman doesn't know who Ethan is, so you need to go bring it in and have mom address it and put a stamp on it.

A couple minutes later he bring the envelope in- it has pictures all over it (possibly too dark to even put the address on) and he's putting a 2 cent stamp on it! I told him it needs to be 39 cents. His reply?
"Will you please go to the bank and buy me 39 cent superhero stamps?"

I love that little boy.