Thursday, March 08, 2007

Great Children's Book Author

I wanted to quickly post to recommend an author of children's books. Her name is Margie Palatini, and Joel loves the books we have read by her. He is looking forward to going to the library soon to check out more. Here are the titles we have read by her that I recall:

Three Silly Billies- Wasn't one of our favorites by her, but we did like it.
The Web Files - We really enjoyed this one.
The Perfect Pet - Again, not one of our favorites, but it wasn't too bad.
Tub-boo-boo - We really liked this one. Of the 5 books listed here, this would probably be my top recommendation. Joel loved it, and I found it amusing.
Moosekitos- It has been a while since I read this one to him (it may have been the first of hers we read), and I don't remember it being outstanding, but we enjoyed it enough to keep reading her books.

Locals: All the books listed here, plus others of hers, are available at both HC and BC public libraries.

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Maggie said...

Cool books! Maybe we could get some out for Jesse!
i'm sure he'd love that. He and Joel should hang out soon...