Saturday, September 22, 2007

Car Accident

I know you all probably read about my car accident on my mom's blog, but I wanted to give a little update and tell you kind of what happened.

I had a 9:35 English class at the college. I left in plenty of time, probably before 9 (the college is about 10-15 minutes away, depending on traffic), because parking can be crazy at that time of day. It had been raining at some point during the night or in the morning before I left. By the time I left, though, it was all done, the roads seemed to be drying up, so I thought I'd be fine. I was driving along a winding road in the middle of the woods (rain didn't dry up as fast) at a safe speed. I wasn't eating, drinking, using the phone, or listening to the radio/music. I had two hands on the wheel. My mind was wandering, and I began thinking about hydroplaning, and how Mrs. Therese's teenage neighbor was seriously injured after hydroplaning. "But, that usually happens in standing water, not when the road is practically dry" I thought, "this is probably one of the safest conditions to drive in regarding rain; when it's over and almost dry." What felt like immediately after that thought, my car fishtailed. I found myself in the other lane, then back in my lane, and soon into a dirt wall, a few feet shy of a telephone pole. At first I was in disbelief, but when the reality sunk in, I began crying. "This is a new car, Dad's going to kill me!" "My insurance in going to skyrocket!" I yanked out my phone, dialed home, telling mom to pick up (not that she could hear me...) She picked up, I told her what happened, and her reaction shocked me. She didn't start panicking or freaking out like I thought she would, but she calmly told me she'd come down. She talked to me like I was 2 year olds and couldn't understand adult vocabulary or concepts, but oh well, it's better than the reaction I thought I'd get. :)

The whole experience was surreal. I still get a little scared every time I go around that bend, and relive the experience, but I am glad everything turned out fine. We didn't report the car to insurance, and Dad fixed it to the point it's drivable. I had a headache for maybe 5 days straight, and I still get sore more easily than before, but who is to say that it's not from sitting in the same position for so long every class? My professor was understanding of me missing class, so it's all good.

It definitely put life into perspective. I don't have control over ANYTHING- not even my car if it's God's will. If he wants to take that control away, he can. Sometimes I have to be taught simple lessons the hard way. I didn't know that the sin of wanting to be in control was such a big one for me, but I think that's probably what God was trying to tell me.

Thank you all for your concern and your prayers. I am doing well now, just driving a bit more carefully on that road now.


Zoanna said...

Was I talking to you like you were 2 years old, really? Sorry about that, but you'll always be my (and dad's) little girl. It was God's grace that I didn't freak out (a big surprise that I didn't, huh?).
I always have you and your brother in my ongoing prayers when you're behind the wheel, especially when I know you'll be on Wheel Road. I hate, hate, hate to know you guys have to drive it daily.

Leanne said...

Glad you're ok! I had a similar experience at about your age, and my husband would probably say I'm still affected by it - but like you say, I drive more carefully for it!