Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If your backpack feels light...

It might mean you forgot your binder which has your note taking pens along with your statistics homework that's due that day (which will recieve a zero if turned in late.)

And, if you think leaving at 5:30 for a 6 o clock class at a college 10-15 minutes away is plenty of time, perhaps walking in almost 10 minutes late (because the road you take in order to avoid a well-traveled road during rush hour is closed/really backed up) will tell you otherwise.

However, I know how dangerous that road can be, so I hope if it was because of an accident, everyone is okay! (And praising God it wasn't me again)

So yeah, my Monday wasn't very good school wise.

Responsibility learned the hard way. Hopefully learned, that is.

Today was better, and hopefully tomorrow (where my schedule is almost identical to Mondays) I'll remember everything.

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Sacha said...

Praying that it goes better today!