Sunday, October 07, 2007

What Happens when you go the Mall with Sacha, Kristin, and Megan?

- You have tons of fun.
- You eat at SaladWorks.
- You look at clothes but don't buy any.
- You get your ears pierced.
- You play True Colors in the food court.
- You look through a scrapbook with pictures from Russia.
- You wish Faith was there for the reunion.
- You share about what's going on in your life.
- You love every minute of it.
- You think about how normal it feels to all be together again.
- You wish you lived closer to each other.
- You hope to get together again soon.
- You get sad when it ends.

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Zoanna said...

...and if you had tossed Mom into the mix, then what?

I'm glad you young missionaries had such a great time and that you made the mini-reunion a priority. It's so important. Can't wait to have Kristin and Sacha for dinner tonight. It feels like can just pick up where we left off in Russia.