Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spiritual Lesson from a Comedian?

Sure enough. If you've never heard Brian Regan, I highly recommend him. He will make you laugh so hard. I've never heard him tell a crude joke, and he rarely uses foul language.

Anyway, let me preface this post. Saturday I got my ears pierced, and Monday one popped out and took 3 hours to put back in. I then went to a viewing for my best friend's grandmother which meant changing my work schedule (on a holiday big sale day) and missing class that night. Little did I know the trouble that would come about. Yesterday, I ended up having to take my earrings out because the one was on the verge of becoming embedded. I have thick earlobes and they were just not long enough. I feel it was irresponsible for the piercing place to give me regular posts after saying I might need longer ones, but anyway, I don't want to go off on a tangent. So I am letting my holes close back up and will try again with longer ones in a little while. I go to class right after this, and find out that because I missed class on Monday for the viewing that I need to take a zero on the test. I cried, well more like bawled, the entire ride home. There are only 3 tests the whole semester, so if my appeal is overturned, I will probably fail this course.

Needless to say, I am anxious and tempted to worry and not trust God in this whole ordeal that he planned. I want to apply Sunday's message "This is only a Test" but am struggling. The message of trust is showing up a lot so I know God is speaking to me on this issue. Just when I thought I was learning all this, I am given a trial that clearly reinforces the fact I am not relying fully on God.

Back to Brian Regan. I am listening to the same joke for the millionth time when God gives me this analogy. Regan was saying how when you kick down an anthill, they all immediately start rebuilding. He said you would think they would take at least a few seconds to get mad, or that some would just give up, but no, they go right back to their work. I was convicted about how I need to be more like the ants. Spending two seconds getting upset about something that was out of my control and willed by God to happen is two seconds of my life wasted dishonoring God and getting mad over the trials he set before me. (And we all know I don't only spend two SECONDS...) I need to accept them, and go right back to my job as a child of God.

He gave me another analogy as well, but it's a different topic, so I'll save it for later.

Oh, and please pray that my appeal will be accepted and mercy granted so I can save myself from failure, but that if not, I will accept this in a godly manner, trusting God that it his will for some reason I cannot understand as of yet. Also, that I would be open and accepting of what God is teaching me through all this.

Thanks so much!


Leanne said...

Sarah, I'll be praying! All things are possible with God - including mercy where we don't understand how it's going to happen!

Tara said...

I will say a pray for you! Looks like you are really aware of your heart and trusting God- that's great!

We love Brian Regan too! We saw him live last year with some friends... it was so much fun!

marie j said...

What a great analogy Sarah! Thanks for making me think.

Tori said...

Oh you know how I love analogies! What a great one! Wow! I think I will need to save that one in my inspirational section to motivate me... especially when I get my car repair bill later today...
Thanks Sarah.