Friday, November 09, 2007

Going Crazy

Last night, I was listening to Casting Crowns latest CD before going to bed and the strangest thing happened. So strange, I thought I was going crazy. No kidding. I really thought that all the research on Schizophrenia was getting to me, and that I was hearing things no one else was hearing. Anyway, the CD was playing just fine, then it just stopped. I was too tired to roll over to see what had happened. "Did an hour really pass and the sleep timer turned it off?" I doubted it, but just decided to forget about it. Then, after a long pause, an opera sounding song came on. Hmm...I didn't remember this from any of the other times I've listened to it. I couldn't make out any of the words except something about revulse the world. I was like, "I've never even heard of that word, I need to look it up in the morning." (Limited vocabulary here. :)) I was so convinced I was going crazy that I asked Joel if he heard it. "Does it sound sad?" He agreed, it sounded sad. Good, I wasn't going crazy. Or was I? So I replayed song number 10, and I fast forwarded through the whole thing. Nothing sounded opera. Nothing. Oh no, I was going crazy. So, I asked Joel again. "Joel, you heard that song that sounded sad, right?" Yeah, he heard it. "Do you remember any of the words?" He hadn't. Oh well, at least he heard it. And I can't blame him for not being able to understand opera.

So this morning, I looked up the word revulse and it means "To pull back with force." I am convinced that God gave that song just for me. Lately I've been realizing that I'm making small compromises. The kind of compromises that don't seem that big, but are the ones that start you down a steep decline in no time. I believe it was God telling me to pull back with force from the world. Revulse from the world. I needed to hear that. Apparently so much He had to make me think I was going crazy to learn it.

And, yay for learning new words, especially ones that get underlined in red because they aren't recognized as real words by blogger. :)


Danielle said...

Wow, interesting story. And now I know a new word!

Bethany said...

very cool now I know a new word too