Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm 25% Normal

I took this dumb little 5 question test to see how normal I am, and apparently because of these 5 things, I'm only 25% normal compared to 400k+ who took the same test.

What makes me abnormal, you ask?

1) I'm not too concerned about our environment. (I have so long been against the "green freaks" that it's gotten in the way of me being truly concerned because this is the world God has given us to care for. I am working on it. I just need to find the balance- I do NOT want to be a "green freak" but I do want to make an effort to care because God wants me to. It's not that I purposefully do stuff to pollute, I just don't do stuff that I could be doing like recycling.)
2) I'm not liberal.
3) I do believe in true love (actually, most people did, so this is probably where I got most of my normalcy)
4) Sex isn't what it's all about. (A little more of my normalcy came here, too)
5) My beliefs guide my life.

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