Saturday, February 16, 2008


Best Feeling: Holding a baby, or more specifically, an orphan baby in Russia.
Best Knowledge: That God loves me and I cannot lose His love, that He died for me and it cannot be undone, that he cares for me and won't ever stop.
Best Friend: Wow, toughie. I love all my friends and are really close to most of them and I can't pick a "best." However, I am always encouraged by talking with McKenzie. She is so godly and inspiriational, and I know I can talk about personal and spiritual subjects and know she cares and isn't judging me and well, yeah, before I write a book here, she's just amazing!
Best Vacation: I loved Florida.
Best Sight: A father with his daughter (no matter her age.) I also have a thing for sunsets.
Best Book: The Bible.
Best Movie: Too hard to choose. I'm into cute movies.
Best Song: I love Sara Groves "He's Always Been Faithful" and recently Steven C. Chapman's "Cinderella" but my favorites are always changing...
Best Possesion: My doggie. :)
Best Person to tag: Everyone who reads this and has time.

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Libby said...

He's Always Been Faithful-ALWAYS makes me cry. I love it. Love it. Has some very special memories for me with Charlotte Fairchild.