Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Latest in my Life

So, I realize it's been forever since I've updated and figured rather than dedicating a post to a single subject, I would just give updates on what's happened since I posted about 3 weeks ago.

- School has been going okay. I'm having a hard time getting good grades, but I'm trying to trust God that there's something more to it. I feel like I'm studying so much more and a lot harder, but my grades are no where near what they were last semester. Lately, I've been hearing stuff on God loving us despite our failures, so maybe He's trying to teach me that. I know it's okay to get B's and C's, but when you study like crazy, it can seem like a failing grade.

- I didn't get the scholarship I applied for, but my brother did, and while that seems like yet another failure, I am thankful because I really didn't want the pressure to keep the GPA up. I want to do my best to honor God, not stress myself out over grades to keep a scholarship. So, my parents get the financial burden lifted and I get the grades burdern lifted...and I am pretty sure my brother will have no trouble with the GPA. Praise God for working things out perfectly.

- I've begun my field placement at a local Pre-K class and absolutely LOVE it. After just two times in the classroom I have confirmation that this is exactly what I want to do until the Lord blesses me with a family if that be His will. The teacher is also pretty much how I want to be- full of love but not a pushover. Her students know her rules and she doesn't let them walk all over her. Oh, and the things kids say, especially at that age. My, oh my! It's been hard not to pick favorites...especially the ones who plead for you to come to their "center" or the ones who give you a hug. Priceless.

- Today, we sold the Lexus. As most people know, that car was about the biggest mistake purchase ever made in this house. While we sold it significantly lower than we bought for, all of us are relieved to have it out of our driveway. We made him aware of it's problems, so we didn't rip him off. I told my parents that even though we could hide it's problems, there was no way I wanted to do what was done to us to someone else. It could be pure coincidence that right after we bought it we got all the problems, but I think we let ourselves get ripped off.

- We got a new car on Monday and I love it. Enough said.

- I'm going through the UCC at church and am so grateful that God led me to this place long before I ever knew how important it would be to my spiritual walk. Unless I "fail" the interview, I should be a member at church soon which is a major blessing.

- I am sick now, but am trying to be positive about it. I rarely, rarely get sick. I am serious. Growing up I went probably years at a time without getting anything more than a runny or stuffy nose. The first year I took a math class at the school, I was sick for what seemed like the whole winter. But, that was about 2 years ago, and I can't remember anything major since then. So, while I would normally look at this as "woe is me" I have decided to look at it as a blessing, knowing there are others out there who get sick constantly or worse, are living with a terminal illness and know what it's like to live in constant pain. Believe me, it's not in my nature to not complain about this, but by God's grace, I can see him changing me in this area.

- I mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but I also got blessed with a babysitting job. So, Wednesday caregroup nights are spent with Ethan and Kayla, who are such a blessing. They are so adorable and polite. And, the things Ethan says and the way he says them makes me laugh. Especially when he greet me. "Hey Sehr-wah" (Sehr, just like Behr paint but with an S. He says it really fast and I don't know, you'd have to hear him but it's so cute!) And Kayla apparently prefers Steve over me, but on caregroup nights, she doesn't really get a choice and she's stuck with me. ;)

Well, I think that's about it. What an awesome, trial-filled, grace-filled last few weeks. Thank you, Lord!

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Anonymous said...

I was just getting ready to comment to find out if you were babysitting, because we need one for Wednesday nights now. But my question was answered by your post! Do you have any other girlfriends from church with babysitting experience that need a regular babysitting job that have their own cars?