Monday, April 07, 2008

Bunch of Randomness

Okay, I first want to thank you all for helping me find someone to interview. Some of you went above and beyond what I expected and I appreciate it very much. I happened to find someone by way of a blog comment who is willing to help me out. She is perfect for what I want to do my paper on (women in the service economy who use childcare) so I should be able to interview her unless something happens. Also, praise God, the deadline got moved to next Wednesday, so I have plenty of time to do this.

Next, this summer I am interested in a full time babysitting/nannying job (part time would work as well, as long as it's about 20 hours). I would be available Monday-Friday (Saturdays possible, but no Sundays) until 6:30 at the latest most nights. So, if you know someone in need of childcare who pays decently (meaning at least 7.50/hour because I would be leaving my job for this and would need something secure that pays about the same) please let me know. It would be a bonus if they needed part time care through the school year, but it's not neccessary. So, please keep your ears open for people who need a summer sitter/nanny.

Last, I never did write about part two of God's work in my life recently.

So I'm going to try to keep this short. Ha!

There I was, in the scary place of feeling content with where I was spiritually. Content to not progress forward. Sure, I definitely wanted to move forward, but I wasn't making an effort, so my actions pretty much portrayed my contentment in staying where I was. As long as I wasn't slipping, I was okay, right? I didn't have to grow. It's okay.

Well, as the Casting Crowns song says, "Be careful if you think you stand, you just might be sinking" What a gracious reminder for God to give to me... I was legalistically thinking that as long as I didn't do such and such, I was still okay...

The recent changes in my life started a week and a half ago. I providentially got invited to a house church by someone from my biology class. It wasn't a caregroup night, so I didn't have to babysit, and I decided to go with an open mind, having really no expectations. I just wanted to check it out.

It started out really good. A girl was sharing about making goals to fight your sin and that was encouraging. But, I was still sort of unaffected. I agreed with what she was saying, but there was no conviction. I was fine for awhile. A lady came over (who is a friend of my mom's from years ago-- it was nice to see her again after not seeing her for about 7 years!) gave me a hug, and told me God wanted me to just sit in His lap and be his little girl. That might not sound like a big deal, but I was going through a time of maybe almost self-reliance. I was relying on God and trusting Him, but at the same time I was taking a lot of school and work burdens on myself and not giving them to God. She was saying this and I just felt like "That's where I want to be. I want to be this little girl who can trust her Father to carry her burdens."

Then came the topic of God being enough. This is basically when I started crying and looking like an idiot. Here I am in this group of people I don't know (except for the person from biology, the lady who hugged me, and someone that used to go to our church, but I never really knew her) just crying. Seeing that I was obviously affected, my friend came over and was asking me what God was telling me. So I told them. And they were like "Yeah, that's just a bunch of crap from enemies. It's all lies." I knew that, but it was really refreshing to hear that. Then this girl came over and both of them prayed for me and it was just really really cool. I left there so encouraged and with a passion for God, His word, and all that He is doing.

Then, the following night was the Casting Crowns concert, and they were also talking about some of the same stuff, about slowly fading and all that happens between "The Altar and the Door."

Friday night, I went to the Fusion/Relay corporate meeting to hear the guest speaker. And guess what he was talking about? Yep, making compromises and how if you take your eye off the cross for even a second, huge consequences will occur.

But yeah, I don't think God was trying to tell me something. ;)

There is more to tell, but that really is the gist of what's been happening. I feel so much better having this new perespective. I thank God for His mercy. His Love. He pulled me out of that "Scary Place" of self-reliance, non-progressive, blinded, dull state of not seeing God as enough.

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