Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Since the Semester is Over...

... I figured I should let you know which goals were accomplished. Some of you may remember me posting back in January, right before the spring semester started, that I had 5 goals I really wanted to accomplish during the semester. Here they are, along with the results.

(This may look long but half of it is just the goals so you can skip them and just read the results which are in bold. Don't let the length scare you off!)

1) Raise my GPA. Not for the purpose of making the President's list (although that'd be nice, I don't want that to be my goal) but for the purpose of glorifying God. I know if I work my best with an attitude pleasing to God, that is enough, and is my ultimate goal. It would simply be nicer if I worked with a pleasing attitude and raised my GPA all at once. :)

RESULT: I didn't raise my GPA, nor did it drop. It stayed exactly the same. It really was my history class that killed me but I have come to realize that all the hardship that came with the many trials and confusion of that class, I have learned so much more than just history! I actually enjoyed history despite all the trouble. The teacher, although sometimes boring, loved what he taught and wanted to see us learn. That makes all the difference in my opinion. So I didn't accomplish this goal but I do feel what came as a result--particularly the fact that I was continually reminded it was out of my control and I had to trust God-- was so much better than a higher GPA.

2) Get a scholarship. I am applying for a scholarship that would pay for 2 full years at the community college. I need to get my application and 3 recommendation forms in by February 1. Once I do that, I wait for a call. If I am invited to do the next step, I will go to the school on Feb. 23 to write a 300-500 word essay on a given topic. From there, they will pick 5 people. Please pray if you think about it-- Thanks!

RESULT: I didn't get it but my brother did, which worked out so much better! I get to see my parents relieved of the financial burden of paying for his school and I also don't have the pressure of keeping the scholarship. My brother will definitely be able to handle it better. So, while it's embarrassing, it's humbling at the same time. And I can see now that it's so much better this way because it's God's way.

3) Do at least 1 thing extra on campus. I was going to join the Christian club they have, but it meets for Bible study on Tuesdays, and I'm not on campus that day. I don't necessarily need to be in a regular event, just a one time something extra event like a concert, meeting, etc.

RESULT: I went to a play as extra credit for my sociology class. I went with a friend which made it even better. I won't bore you with the details of the play but I really enjoyed it. I also hung out with friends regularly on campus to talk and/or study so overall my "getting more out of college" desire was fulfilled.

4) Be more open about my faith. I don't need, want, or plan to be the Billy Graham on campus, but I don't want to purposefully avoid bringing up my faith for the sake of not making waves. "Evangelizing through actions" is good to a point, but I do want to be more outspoken about God. I am hoping that by having a class with a Christian friend, there will be more opportunity to do this. And, it's in a science class, which could make for some very good opportunities!

RESULT: This one is kind of hard to say whether it was accomplished or not. I wasn't exactly a campus evangelist but I think I was more open than last semester definitely. I know I've mentioned this before a few times, but I'll mention it again because I'm still amazed at just how awesome God is by doing this. My two most secular/worldly influenced/liberal classes (Bio and Soc) were the two classes where God provided Christian friends for me to meet. Not only that, they are STRONG Christians who lead me closer to God and encourage me in my faith. They aren't "Sunday Christians." Better than that is the fact that they also weren't just "class friends." I've seen them both quite a bit since the end of the semester and plan on continuing to see them regularly this summer and, Lord Willing, they will both be lifelong friends of mine.

5) Spend more time in the Word. I have a 2 hour gap between my classes which would be a great time to get some reading done while it's quiet and I can focus.

RESULT: I don't think I ever used my 2 hour gap for devotions, but my time in the Word has definitely increased. However, it's more than just LENGTH, my passion for the word has grown incredibly. I think I've written before about how I was rushing my quiet times and not getting too much out of them. By God's grace, He has changed me. I WANT to read the Bible and I love it when I do and I'm getting so much more out of it. Seeing people fired up for God and passionate made me want it so badly. Then, God made it happen in my life and it feels amazing.

So, while I didn't achieve a few of the goals, I know it's all in God's plan so it's perfect and I'm glad. Even the results that weren't what I would have liked I can definitely see helped me--mostly to humble me, which I am always in need of and am so thankful for. I can see how God used them for my good, just as He promises. It was an amazing semester, far better than my first in pretty much every way, and although I was so ready for summer to come, I was kinda sad that it was ending and I wouldn't see my friends, both old and new, as often. Even writing it now makes me excited about next semester! But I'm going to enjoy my summer. The stresses of next semester will come soon enough, I'm not going to rush
them! : )

Have a blessed summer!

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Beth said...

thanks for sharing! Its always great to see how God answers prayers :-)