Monday, May 19, 2008

Back from Mexico!!!

I had an amazing time in Mexico. More about it later, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to write down some of the awesome things God did for us while we were there before I forget.

1) We had no problems with any of our 4 flights both ways.
2) We were able to get into Mexico and out of Mexico with no trouble.
3) It was almost instant bonding with all the kids right away. Some were definitely more social and loved us more than others, but even the "hard ones" seemed to eventually warm up to us.
4) I had an almost disabling headache the first day (most likely from getting two hours of sleep, little food, the flights, the time change, and everything else) but not a single one the rest of the week! Praise God! And, I only got nose bleeds on two or three of the days, and all of them happened when I was inside our dorm. I didn't get any outside...I was also close to tissues and a bed to lay down in while I waited for it to stop!
5) One thing that our group needed to do was dig a trench from the college dorm house to the Ranch owners house (I'm not good with distance, but I would guess it to be about 25 feet) that needed to be about 16 inches deep and about a foot wide. The ground was so hard it was bending the pick. They haven't had rain in 4-6 months. We prayed for rain and the next day I walk outside and the ground is soaked and rain is pouring. They got the trench finished! Unfortunately, because of the rain we couldn't paint, but that trench needed to be dug and because of the rain it could.
6) We only bought 3 jars of spaghetti sauce and it needed to feed 15 hungry people. We prayed that it would be enough. At the end of the night we put it away and had two full jars left over. When else does 1 jar of spaghetti sauce feed 15 people?
7) In the girls dorm, we only had one good shower (one just trickled and the other one had no hot water handle) . It was never a problem for 7 of us to take showers when we needed.
8) For a full night and most of a day, we were unable to use water or toilets in the girls dorm due to a full septic system. We had to shower and get ready for bed in the guys dorms. It was a little inconvenient for both us and them, but it taught me a few lessons I needed to be taught. First, I don't remember the last time I didn't take a shower in the morning...but there I had to shower the night before, and guess what? It wasn't that bad! I survived. That's totally God's grace because if I had to shower the night before prior to this trip I would have complained, but there, I just learned not to care about the little inconveniences. You take them and roll with them and it all works out. Second, they guys had much nicer showers and bathrooms, so it was quite the blessing to get to take showers in there once.

Thank you, Lord, for your many undeserved blessings!

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Anonymous said...

dude, the spaghetti one is really awesome to me because God did a smiliar thing in India with glue. Ever since God's power hasn't been a question in my mind!