Friday, May 09, 2008

So, this is what I call my room...

So my mom has been telling me I should post pictures of my room for awhile. I never have though, partially because I'm lazy and didn't want to take the time, and partially because of fear of man (it's not exactly the type of room that would appeal to many people, and because I'm not very good at all with being creative and decorating well...and because the flowers and circles on my wall I didn't put up straight...I mean, I put them up "temporarily" to get an idea of what it would look like, and I had plans to go back and measure out so everything was equal distance from each other and the ceiling. But, what was supposed to be temporary has been there for about 6 months. Not cool. I will get around to eventually, I just wish I went through the trouble originally and not have to go back to fix it. So anyway, this is my room...flaws and all. I still love it...I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I know it's juvenile/preteenush, but I am in love with these colors and the "Island Girl" theme stuff from Target is totally me. Also, I know when I'm married/have my own place I want the color scheme to be more warm, calm and inviting, so I decided if I wanted a "fun" room, it would have to be now!

I had bought the sheets and comforter before I settled on a color scheme and then when I decided to completely makeover my room, Target discontinued this theme and I wasn't able to buy accessories. Stupid Target, but lovely eBay (I was able to find the magnetic board and the lamp on there).

So here's the pics--sorry they aren't very good!:
This is the wall display above the computer. I do plan on adding more to it. Probably a group pic from the Mexico trip I'm going on. And maybe some more fun geometric stuff. I'm not sure. Just a close up of the magnetic board (from eBay) with some old pictures and Galatians 6:3 as a reminder to be humble.
Close ups of my framed group photos from last summer's missions trips. The window toppers/curtains that I sewed...I think the fabric was $1/yard on clearance at Wal-Mart-- gotta love that store!
End tables ( on each side) for 13 dollars a piece at Ikea, another store I love. The decorative boxes were a Christmas gift from my parents, and the fake flowers (which I've heard is the biggest no-no in decorating, so I don't use them out of ignorance, I have the knowledge you're not supposed to do that in decorating, but I do anyways. :)) in a glass bead filled vase I got at Michael's with my 50% off employee discount.
Another wall arrangement. The turquoise scarf/wrap thing on the dresser I got in Russia. The rest are knick knacks and trophies that hold special meaning. So, even though they clash, I just can't part with them yet. The top pic is obviously just a close-up.
Fish tank. I sewed the cover to hide the ugly shelving underneath. I would like to get a bigger tank this summer...but not sure yet if I will. I love seeing the little baby fish grow and I can't wait to see what colors they turn! Lamp I got on eBay. I love it! Not exactly very bright, but it's a great reading lamp at night.

Probably my least favorite thing in my room overall, but it works great as a robe and towel holder. Plus, it's behind the door, so it's not a big deal. I'm thinking about repainting it and changing the decorations a bit. I think it just looks really "little-girl"ish right now.

I'm not a huge fan of this display either. The shelves don't at all go with my room. Most of what's up there except the horse are from when I traveled out of the country (some from Mexico when I went shopping there in 1999 and the others from Russia) so they are special and I like the idea of having an "international wall" or whatever. I'd love for it to grow as I travel to other countries.

And that's my room (most of it anyway). That last picture you can see what I mean about not having everything measured out and straight. Oh well, one day I hope it'll be the way I want it, but for now, it'll do.


Don and Marie Johnson said...

I like it!!!!!

Tara said...

wow what an awesome room!! I wish you didn't live so far away I'd have you come help me with some of my rooms :-) Great job!

Laurie said...

looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an awesome room! I love how graphic it is.

Anonymous said...

I really like it! Who said that you can't decorate with fake flowers? I see it done every time I watch a design show!

Beth Young

Bethany said...

I recognize one of those trophies! ;-)

anne said...

Fun! I think my favorite is the dots!!!
I swam as a teenager, and I always wanted to paint a huge mural of a swimmer on my wall. Never did it...oh well.
Love the colors!