Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Okay, so I found out today that the showers in Mexico are actually normal showers-- warm, fresh water showers, all the stuff of an American shower. They just aren't "pretty". And, you can't drink the water. No big deal because I don't drink shower water any way, but the girl I was talking to said they emphasize the "no drinking the water" thing so much that you're paranoid you'll accidentally get some in your mouth when you shower. I know in Russia we couldn't drink the water, so it won't be a first, but I almost forgot to use bottled water when I brushed my teeth a few times. Not good. Let's hope I don't do that in Mexico!

So, it's a little disappointing. However, I'm still pretty sure I'll be out of my comfort zone and away from many common things that I consider "necessities" and take for granted, so I'm still excited to see how God uses the trip to change my perspective.

You could pray that MY showers end up being cold and salty... :) I wouldn't want you to pray it for the whole group, but you can pray it for me. Seriously.

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