Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finals and Mexico

If you think of it, would you please say a prayer for me? Next week are finals and then next Saturday, May 10, I leave for Mexico with the Juniors and Seniors.

If you want specifics, here are a few, but otherwise, just a general prayer would be very much appreciated.

For Finals:

-Obviously that I do well. Study hard. Feel prepared. And, I would love to have a peace about them beforehand. I had my bio final yesterday and while I did well on the test and overall, I sorta freaked out RIGHT before the test. Don't want that happening with my others!

- Specifically my history final. There's a chance I could fail this class. I got a C on my first test, and a D on my second and I had studied hard for both and felt confident. I did well on the first part of the tests, the identifications and importances of certain events, but basically bombed the essay part. So, I am going tomorrow to talk to him about the essays since he said to come see him so that he could know I was ready for them. I really don't think I can do better than a C (which, if you know me, that's what I refer to as "failing") unless I get an A, and even then it might still make my final a C. But, at this point, as long as I pass, I'll be okay.

And for Mexico:

- That I can bond with the high schoolers, particularly the girls. I feel part of the reason God wanted me to go on this trip was to form friendships with these girls. I hope to be a godly example and offer encouragement wherever needed since they will be in my position in a year or two.

- No headaches. I've mentioned before I tend to get headaches in the heat, and Mexico is definitely not known for cool weather. :) So, between the time change (messes with the sleep!) and the heat, I am pretty "at risk" for headaches, but I know God, in his mercy, can choose not to let me get any.

- I will have a positive attitude the entire time. As you all know...I'm a little obsessed with warm, clean showers. I heard in Mexico they are cold, saltwater showers. This was the main reason God called me to Mexico- to let go of this common thing that I take for granted. So, I'm excited to see how God uses this experience to change me. I can honestly say I think I'll be disappointed if they've changed the showers in the last two years. I really want to experience the cold, saltwater showers for a week.

-Overall safety for everyone. No lost luggage. No problems crossing the border. Unity among everyone. Good times of fellowship. That we'll be a blessing to the orphanage (Rancho 3m). That the students will be able to raise the rest of their funds (I believe they need at least 3k more). Everyone will be changed in some way.

Thanks in advance for your prayers!!!

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