Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentines Day for a Single Girl

This is a couple weeks overdue, but I wanted to write about it anyway. This Valentines Day was probably the first one where I was tempted to be envious, discontent, and ungrateful. However, God graciously allowed me to have a wonderful Valentines Day through small things.

1) Woke up to probably the sweetest card I have ever gotten. My brother, Steve, got me a heart-shaped box of DELICIOUS cookies and a card that made me cry.

2) I got a call from my friend and caregroup leader's wife, Heather, asking me how I was doing on Valentines day. This might seem small, but I think it's the first time anyone has ever asked me that and it meant more than I think she'll ever know. I hope one day if/when I'm married, I'll follow in Heather's footsteps and ask a single friend this very same question.

3) Working at the church all day with Megan (who is always fun to be around). She's encouraging and godly and such an example to me of what it looks like to honor God as a single.

4) Seeing "Fireproof" at Mountain Christian Church with friends from church and the Christian Club at school. We very well might have been the only singles in the room, but it was a lot of fun, and I didn't really mind not having an arm around my shoulder. ;)

5) Hanging out with friends at Double T Diner after the movie. Oh my, memories to not soon be forgotten. Especially me eating anchovies for the first time. :) Yep, there is a video of it, but it's on my friend's laptop and she wasn't able to upload it. Sorry!

Those 5 things were such a blessing and really think this was probably the best Valentines day I've ever had. Well, except for 2002, the day my life was blessed with a little brother. :)

How was YOUR Valentines Day?

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Libby said...

Sarah, 6ish years ago, several of my single friends (guys included) started a tradition. Before v-day or after, we went out to a nice restaurant for an un-valentine's celebration. We got dressed up, ate well, laughed a ton, and just enjoyed being all together. Over the years, as we started dating/getting engaged/married, we added to our gang. Now it's three couples, and this year we opted for dinner in due to the economy. We all pitched in a portion of the meal, played a game, and talked for hours! Not so romantic, but I'm not much on v-day anyway! It's a Hallmark holiday, haha!