Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Babysitting Funnies

As most everyone knows, all the kids I babysit are adorable. But, they are also funny. Here are two stories from today's jobs:

Babysitting job one:

Since the weather was GORGEOUS today, we walked to the playground. On the way back, the girls kept stopping to look and bugs and leaves and whatnot. Then the 3 year old girl picks up two little dirt clumps (or acorns, or something that I couldn't really make out). "I want to take these home," she said. "Okay, that's fine, what are they?"
"Two poops." She says (and yes, this is the same girl who starts crying when she SEES a bug) Then, to make this story even funnier, I decided that I wanted to text myself a reminder of this story, so I could write about it later. So I send a text that says "Two poops" to myself... or so I thought. In actuality, I sent the text to my friend! As soon as I clicked "send" I realized what I had done, and apologized profusely. I am so thankful for her sense of humor, because the text I get back is "Hahahaha! That made me laugh so hard! Lol!" She's known me longer than most people I know, so of all the people I could have accidentally sent it to, she's the best. :)

Babysitting job 2:
I was putting the little girl (3 years old) to bed and said something about her mom and dad, and she immediately corrected me, saying, "Do you mean my mother and my father?" I told her "mother" this story, who said she never calls them that. :)

One of the many perks of babysitting: plenty of moments to laugh.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHaHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! This is Alli by the way!

Sarah Ann said...

Hi Sarah! Thought I would drop by and check out your blog! ;-)

Isn't it so much fun to take care of kids!!! :-) I would not trade my nanny job for any other job! Plus, the kids feel like my own.

As I wrote the sentances above, my little one year old boy came walking across the living room carrying his oatmeal bowl that he got off of his high chair tray...and oatmeal was dripping a trail behind him. The stinker! :-)

Thanks for sharing some of your babysitting stories! What would we do without kids!!! :-D

You have a blessed day, resting in our dear Lord!!!

Sarah Ann