Monday, March 01, 2010

Cars and Guys: A Weird Comparison

Let me forewarn you that because of the weirdness of this post, I have debated with myself for awhile about whether I should post it or not. I finally decided to just go ahead, but please see my point in this, as lame as the comparison may be.

My car has issues. Lots of them, actually. Two of the tires leak air like crazy, which means I (or my wonderful dad) have to pump them every few days. The lights in the back seats are messed up. The leather seats are ripped and in less than good condition. The passenger side seat belt often gets stuck. The car shakes really bad around 55 MPH, so I usually try to drive under 55 or over 60. The roof leaks when it rains (and for 2-3 days following if there was a lot of it). The cassette player doesn't work (meaning I can't play my iPod through the speakers that way), the CD player was jammed for months, and just recently started working. I have a smashed head light from someone letting a cart fly into it. My antifreeze leaks a lot. My shocks are shot, so I had them removed (but not yet replaced). It also used to be super loud, but that problem did get fixed recently. Oh, and it sometimes stinks. And I'm sure there are various other issues that I can't think of at the moment. However, despite all these problems, I LOVE my car. And, I think I love it just as much, if not more, now than when I first got it 2 years ago. The novelty of having a cute, little car hasn't warn off. I love driving it, especially on warm spring and summer days when I can put the top down. Sure, it can be an inconvenience to take care of at time, and it takes more work than other cars do, but I plan on driving it until it dies, because I love it-- and not just because it gets me where I need to go.

That leads me my point in all of this. After pondering all these things about my car, and realizing it doesn't change the fact I enjoy it so much, I realized that I want to have this kind of relationship with a guy someday. I want to be with a guy that has his problems, yet I still love him more and more the longer I am with him. I want to be with him until one of us dies, and not just because he does things for me. I want to be with a guy where the novelty of being together doesn't wear off after the wedding. Basically, what it comes down to, is I want to be in a marriage that honors God, and designed and purposed and blessed by God.

At this point, you may think I've completely lost my mind comparing a love for a human to that of a love for an object. But, that's not at all what I'm saying, so please hear me out. I, in no way, love my car the way I love any human. I don't really have any enemies, but if I did, I would still love them more than my car, because the value of a human can never and should never be compared to the value of an object. While I'm sure you may now never want to be associated with me again, I do hope you can see my point in this odd comparison. And before I end this, let me reiterate that I am:
1) NOT idolizing my car, but I do appreciate and enjoy it
2) NOT saying that I love my car as much as I love a human

(And yes, I think I did spend half the post trying to explain myself so that you won't all label me a weirdo ;))

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