Monday, October 07, 2013

Shine Beautifully

Local friends may have noticed the gorgeous sky this evening. After a rainy day, the sky was dark, but with the most beautifully lit sky in one section.

I was driving home, and all that was ahead of me was the dark depressing gray sky. I was focusing on it because that's the direction I was traveling. But to the left was a section of sky that screamed "hallejuah, what a Savior!" And as I looked at it, I finally got it.

I finally got what it means when God calls us to be a light. He wants us to be so beautiful that people are drawn to us. Even when previously all they looked at was the dark gloominess in their life, the seemingly endless depression. We aren't called to be this harsh light that shines in people eyes and annoys or condemns them.

We are to be a beautiful light that brings hope. Hope for brighter days. Hope for everlasting life. Hope for forgiveness of sins... Hope because we belong to the God of Hope and we are equipped with truth to share this freeing truth with them.

Shine beautifully for Christ, like that sliver of an orange and pink sunset on a stormy day.

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