Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today, I got inspired to do two things:

1) Be more wise with my money. For the next month I am going to try spending absolutely nothing beyond the basics: Insurance, Compassion, Cell phone, Gas, Tithe (and this month I will have to pay for college textbooks and my flight ticket from my NH trip) This will be hard. I never considered myself a spender but I spend more now than I used to. Plus, I am going to Mexico in May for a week, Lord Willing, and I need to come up with 500-550 dollars on my own, so saving is a must. Anyway, please pray for me, that this will be a whole lot easier than I anticipate. I am not expecting a huge problem...I love saving money and I'm not a big item spender, just little things (gum, drinks, clearance items at work, etc) here and there that add up, so I just need to resist the little things and I should be fine. Nonetheless, I need God's grace to help me.

2) I was reading an article on the Ungrind website that talked about single girls praying earnestly for a husband, so I want to try that. Everyday for a month I want to pray for a husband. I do sometimes pray now, but it's not a daily practice. Hopefully after a month of being in the habit, it will become a daily practice that will continue for awhile. I know marriage is probably a far way off, but I don't believe it's too early to start.

Those are the two things I got inspired to do...I'm excited about both!


Meg said...

Go Sarah!!! I'll be praying for you!

anne said...

great!!! I will be praying for you too!

Ashleigh said...

Sarah, so glad to hear you were inspired by Candice's article on Ungrind!