Friday, September 05, 2008

1 Summer, 4 Books

So this summer I read 4 books. I know that's not a lot, but for me, that was good. It was my goal. Although, only 2 of the books were on my "4 books I want to read this summer" list.

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp
Yep, I finally finished it and it was so worth reading. I know I did a little recommendation on it before I was done, but now that I'm done, I still stand by my recommendation. It's what I consider a rich book. Easy to read (as in no big words) but rich (don't expect to sit down and ingest it all at once). It will definitely make you look at all your relationships and examine them. I can't really say enough good about it. I am glad I read it. Just as a reminder, this is about ALL relationships, NOT just the romantic kind.
How long it took me to read: Forever.
Recommend it to: Everyone- guys and girls, young and old, single, married, childless, quiver full, new believer, believer-since-5, you get the idea.

Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations by Alex and Brett Harris
One of the best, most inspiring, encouraging, motivating books I've ever read. Alex and Brett give biblical reasons why teenagers shouldn't settle for the expectations that the culture has set for us. One of their main points was that culture expects more from babies than teenagers. What does that mean? Well, they explained how healthy babies/toddlers are expected to learn to walk, talk, use the toilet, etc. But, teenagers aren't expected to break the barrier of communication with their parents or carry mature conversations with adults. They aren't expected to learn to dance. I also got to go to the Do Hard Things conference, and Brett was saying how, when a teen says "I'm just not a math person" usually people say something like, "That's okay, I'm not either." But, it would be ridiculous if a toddler told his mom, "Mom, I'm just not a toilet person." They made several other good points too, and I just really loved this book.
How long it took me to read: Maybe 6 hours.
Recommend it to: 12 years -20ish, both guys and girls. Believers and unbelievers.

Rachel's Tears: The Spiritual Journey of Columbine Martyr Rachel Scott by Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo
I'm sure you all know about the Columbine shooting years ago and many of you have probably evern heard of Rachel Scott. I think I read this once, a few years after the shooting. However, reading it again, I was inspired afresh to be like Rachel. She was an amazing, godly example for me to follow. She was welcoming of everyone. She had a real relationship with God. She had questions that most people probably have had. She talked to God a lot through writing, and some of the exerpts from her journal are amazing.
How long it took me to read: About three days. I would guess a total of about 4-6 hours.
Recommend it to: Probably would be most enjoyed by girls 16-22, but I think younger and older girls/women would enjoy it too. I wouldn't think guys would have much interest in it, and I don't know that unbelievers would care much about it, but I wouldn't ever tell them not to read it.

I Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Pornography by Clay and Renee Crosse
I can hear it now, "What in the world is a 19 year old single girl reading about a marriage broken by porn for?" I was looking in the inspiritational section at the library and the words "I Surrender All" caught my attention. "This looks like something I should read, considering my current situation." I thought. I almost put it back after I saw the marriage and pornography part, thinking it'd be totally irrelevant to my life. However, I am SO glad I checked it out anyway. Before, I was very judgemental towards guys who viewed porned or saw women as sex objects. I now have compassion for them. I don't want to give all that happened away, but I would definitely recommend reading it. Oh, and I didn't know who Clay Crosse was until I started reading, but yes, in case you're wondering, he was the popular Christian artist back in the 90's (I think).
How long it took me to read: I think two nights, about 3 hours total, I'd say.
Recommend it to: 18+, men and women. I was going to recommend it to 16+, but decided to take the conservative option and recommed it to adults only. PARENTS: I would recommend reading it before your teens (if they want to read it). I wouldn't say anything is "explicit" or "graphic" but some of it could definitely be a little more detailed than is beneficial for the imaginitive mind, particularly a son's imaginitve mind.

What books did you read this summer and would you recommend them?


Anonymous said...

You know...on a whim, I read Rachel's Tears last summer and really liked it. It was encouraging to me to see a young girl who's heart was so in love with God. She wasn't captured in theological debates, or wordly traps...she just loved God passionately and it spurred me on in my own unabashed love. But you're the only other one I know who has read it!! :)

krista said...

I've been perusing some of your most recent posts this morning. :o) I haven't read any of these titles, but enjoyed your thoughts. I may just have to put a few on my to-read list.

I wanted to follow up on your comment from my blog. I didn't know you worked there!!! I worked day-shift for the year and a half I was finishing my degree. I'd work about 4-5 days and then cram in 20+ hours of school work and a drive up to Lancaster one evening a week for a 4 hour class.

I liked unpacking all of the seasonal things--although it was a little ridiculous to get excited about fall & Christmas things in JULY! It gave me great gift ideas though.